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3 Ways to Turn Your Expertise into an Income Stream

With my brand coaching clients, I have noticed a pattern of thinking that most would-be consultants generally fall into.  They don’t believe that they can do it, they don’t know how to package their services, and they don’t know how to charge.

If this sounds like you, this year I want you to step into the […]

Turn the Mirror on Yourself + Make The Shift + Find Your BBFs

Turn the Mirror on YOURSELF

I had a terrific weekend in Minneapolis talking to more than 2,000 PartyLite consultants at their annual conference.   I shared a piece of advice with them that I often tell my private consulting clients:  When things aren’t going as planned, turn the mirror on yourself.  Figure out where you’re accountable […]

Recruiting and Hiring

This article is courtesy of Huggies MomInspired Grant Program.
Hiring an employee is truly making an investment in your business. When you hire someone to work for you, you will invest time, money, training, and trust. If you do it right, your business can move forward much faster than ever before; if you do it wrong, […]

20 Places to Find Email Content — It’s Closer Than You Think!

This article is courtesy of Constant Contact:
You’ve made the commitment. You’ve signed up for Constant Contact’s Email Marketing. You’re ready to sit down to create your first email and then … nothing! Absolutely nothing!

You have no idea what to fill that email template with and think about scrapping the whole thing.


The content […]

What Most Married Women Don’t Know About Money

When we are in a relationship, there are things we do better than our partner and things they do better than us. As our relationship progresses, it’s not uncommon for us to handle the tasks that come easiest for us and to gladly turnover what might be confusing or difficult to our partner, because it’s […]

3 Ways to Use Offline Interactions to Personalize Your Email Content

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You’ve found those precious few minutes where you have time to send out an email newsletter. You’ve got a great template and a great design for it, too.

The only problem is that you have no idea what to say.

But coming up with great content ideas that really resonate […]

Cold Calling is Dead – Secret to Building Client Relationships

Powerful tools like LinkedIn and social media channels like Facebook, give you the power to learn almost anything you want to about your prospective customers.  What those platforms don’t offer, the internet with its infinite information resources will fill in the gaps.  Customer relationship management systems like ACT give those of us who sell our […]

Breakfast & Protein Bars are not "Healthy" Food

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Dr. Claudia Pillow debunks the myth that breakfast and protein bars are “healthy” food, even if they are organic and gluten-free. Read more about what these bars actually contain and what’s in Hail Merry grawnola.

Do you know what Maltitol is? It could be in your protein bar. Maltitol […]