Helpful Tools for Executive Moms

In many families with children, both parents have careers. There is nothing wrong with it and our children’s lives are enriched by the quality time we spend with them. But for women especially, we sometimes feel guilty. We feel like precious moments are passing and will never to be recaptured.
Growing up, my family captured our […]

Spark & Hustle Sisterhood

Welcome to the sisterhood of Spark & Hustle.

Get a vicarious smile from this quick recap video of our Saturday fun — you can’t help but be happy when you watch…especially when you see all the vibrant color that our friends at Vistaprint added.

A huge thanks from Vistaprint to you.

Every vendor table looked phenomenal, but these […]

Jodi Silverman, Stream Energy

Jodi Silverman is an Ignite Independent Associate for Stream Energy in Maple Glen, Pa. Her business is designed to help people achieve their financial and personal goals within the energy deregulation industry.

‘Ah ha’ moment that led to launching this business: Back in late 2010/early 2011, I just knew there was something bigger than myself that […]

Seven Secrets to Go From Passion to Profit In Your Business

Today more and more people are starting a business while holding down a full time job or a few part time jobs. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and many people are learning is it not always the smartest idea to put all of your eggs in one basket — leverage in your life creates possibilities. […]

LeAnn Maxwell, Vixen Vodka

Vixen Vodka of Roswell, Ga., founded in 2012, is a pure, gluten-free vodka made for women, by women.

‘Ah ha’ moment that led you to launching this business: It was the year I turned 50 and got a divorce.  It was my “why not?” moment.  Why not launch a vodka company that catered to a female […]

Shannon Michelle, Shannon Michelle Photography

Shannon Michelle Photography of Braintree, Mass., founded in 2004, celebrates women of all ages, shapes, and sizes by creating fashion-inspired portraits that lead toward renewed self confidence.

Ah ha moment that led you to launching this business: Two years before I started, actually. I have a science degree and had planned to pursue the medical field, […]

NO MORE HIDING: Let Your Best Shine

Emma loves surprising me with old family photos. It’s her way of reflecting on memories.

This particular picture brought back a flood of thoughts. Here I’m doing what always came naturally: HIDING.

My glass half-full head says, nah, I’m just letting my two adorable toddlers take front and center. But the real me knows a different truth: […]

Develop Meaningful Relationships to Get Ahead

In Vickie Elmer’s recent article, To get promoted, women need champions, not mentors, Elmer shares about the concept of sponsorship. This new concept is not to take away value from traditional professional mentoring, but instead, to enhance it. In the article, she shares two key qualities of a sponsor: someone who will endorse you in […]