This is Your Sign

If you’re waiting for a sign that this is your year, here it is.  Nothing will stop you from making great things happen if you’re clear on what you want to accomplish and you focus on execution.

One way to ensure you can turn those dreams to reality is to make every goal a SMART goal, […]

Social Media Success from Tory Johnson

Social Networking Content Creation – Getting Started
The best part about online networking is that we all have an equal voice—only if we choose to use it. Everyone can reach just about anyone. Anybody can be somebody.

It’s all in YOUR power. Your power to use your voice. I love the power of possibility.

So how exactly can you make it […]

Start Small, Win Big: SUCCESS Magazine


Who’s Your Ideal Customer?

I snapped this photo of a wall in the Kate Spade store in Nashville. It very clearly and colorfully describes the quintessential Kate Spade customer.  There’s nothing about demographics like her age or where she lives or if she went to college.  These words capture something much more personal: psychographics, which are attributes that relate […]

Why Typical Networking Doesn’t Work: Tory’s Script for YOUR success.

By:  Tory Johnson
I wish I had a dollar every time someone told me that networking just doesn’t work.  I hear it from jobseekers who show up at events and leave empty-handed. I hear it even more often from small business owners who aren’t generating bites, let alone sales, from their extensive networking efforts.

Last week while speaking in Pittsburgh, I met a woman who’s an accomplished golf instructor, but she doesn’t have nearly enough customers to sustain her. A common problem for solopreneurs. […]