Jeanne Boschert 2Jeanne Boschert, of Memphis, Tenn. is an author, coach and consultant who transforms her clients into all they were meant to be.

‘Ah ha’ Moment that led to launching this business: I have always known that I was called into the helping profession. When I discovered the art of coaching I realized I had been doing it all my life and was totally my style and calling. I worked in the counseling world for over 15 years and discovered that coaching was more of what I did in moving people forward in a positive way. I was always very solution focused and able to get to win-win with my clients.

Ideal customer/target market: Successful motivated individuals who are ready to do the work to make the shift to live their very best life. I have worked with clients from the classroom to the boardroom. There is no one size fits all person and coaching should be customized based on phase of life and need. I have developed a Life Phase specialist certification for coaches to increase their skill and confidence to be able to quickly assess, prioritize and deliver specific tools to clients throughout a variety of Life Phases. I have made it my goal to help coaches to be able to share their talents across a multitude of these phases.

First customer or client: My first client was a local physician that called to see about services after he heard from a friend that I had become certified as a coach. It just happened, but that is certainly not the ongoing case. I currently use social media, market with my group and leverage my trainings to build my brand. I would say to each and every person that is going into business to establish your network, call your friends, be bold and put yourself out there. No is the worst thing that can happen and that will not define me.

Measuring success: I have been a person that will not give up for many years, so for me it is not in my mindset that I will not succeed. Will I make mistakes, yes, will I have stumbles, yes, and will there be things that will not work. Of course, but that does not mean that I fail. I only fail if I do not try. Or I fail if I fall and choose to not get up!

Biggest struggle: Time management – how to schedule out my time without all the resources that I am accustomed to in the corporate world. I decided to set business hours just like I was going to work and I stuck to them. I also hired a VA from the very start to help with the daily busyness of work. I knew quickly if I got busy with ‘busy work’ I would not have time for my real business and creating the next best program or modules.

Surprise!: Interestingly I was worried about being bored or not having enough work, but within a couple of weeks I had literally secured deals that paid more than a secure corporate job. I stood back in awe of the actual work that was out there if you are just willing to go after it.

Promoting business: I hired top web designers and invested in a program to automate my social media and sales campaigns. Otherwise I would not have been able to schedule enough time to handle all of that.

Two things you wish you would’ve known: Online presence is priority. I would have had a website done and ready to launch on day one, instead of not starting until I left my corporate job when it took three months to complete. Also, I would have secured some administrative assistant help from the get go and had all my programs outlined and ready for launch once I got on my own.

What keeps you up at night (business-wise!)?: Getting all the ideas filed in my head and in the timeline to deliver them to the world as needed. My brain does not sleep – my husband teases me about it – I am constantly thinking of the next move or program or great idea. I have to be careful or I will drown in my own brain!

Ever tempted to thrown in the towel Absolutely not! I have been there and done that. Being in control of my worst day is better than not being in control of my life.

Biggest goal over the next year: To have at least 10-12 coaches trained in the Life Phase Specialist program in order to leverage my clients and the training opportunities to them.

Pricing/advice on getting it right: I am the expert of what I know and I value my time and your results to price it based on what it is worth. One of the things as women is that we tend to devalue our worth so I tell women, you get what you expect. Do you want to be cheap or do you want to be the EXPERT! You have to ask yourself, what is it worth to you to live your best life?

Funding: I planned for one year salary to make this work. I sold a rental property and leveraged my 401 to launch my plan. Start one year out like I teach in my Life Launch VIP program. You need to look at resources and decide your financial resources needed vs. wanted. You will then look at how you can leverage what you have and start small if needed to get the additional resources to expand. I built a ten million dollar company and never took a loan. I did not buy a computer until I had the money to pay for it. It was a new way of doing business that I teach to other entrepreneurs in order to be successful.

A few tips: There are a lot of different types of coaches out there. From business to executive, those that only see women to those that only deal with divorce, individuals who are expert crystal readers and tarot card intuitives. It will be very important to examine who you are and find the coach that fits with your beliefs who will be able to get you to the goals that you want for your life.

Must-read online resource for your industry: From a business perspective for a consultant the latest business trends and hot topics can be found in works like Harvard Business Review, Forbes and the Huffington Post. For personal growth topics and issues that have interest in the common woman’s world I read, O magazine and Woman’s day.

The absolute best part of owning my business is the joy of being satisfied that I am giving my best on my time with my own goals and all within my total life purpose.

If I had to start over again, I would have started this life sooner and risked it to go on my own many years ago.

I never imagined organizing myself without normal business boundaries would be so difficult.

If standing on a rooftop facing crowds of aspiring or struggling small business owners, I would shout don’t give up, don’t listen to those who say you can’t and believe in your dream. Live your best life because if you don’t do it who will?