Dr. Tanya Douglas-Holland based in Atlanta, GA empowers women, by sharing her personal journey with depression, to Do Less. Be More. Live Well.

‘Ah ha’ moment that led to launching the business: I’ve always had a nagging pull to pursue entrepreneurship. My personal journey with depression really was the catalyst that lead me to launch my current brand.

Ideal customer: Busy, driven women who are looking for tools to live a happy, healthy, well-balanced living as they try to balance the demands of life, family, and career.

Landing the first client: I used my personal network. It’s so important to leverage your network.

Measuring success: Because of the message of my brand, I measure success by whether I truly touched someone with my message or caused them to think about making a change in their life. Since launching on January 1, so many women have opened up to me, sharing personal details about their experiences. The message of DO LESS. BE MORE. LIVE WELL. has been spreading. Within my first week of business, there were over 500 views of my promotional video on YouTube.

Biggest struggle: Initially I tried to do too many administrative tasks on my own. I’ve since hired an administrative assistant to do more of those things so I can better manage my time and efforts.

Surprise!: There are so many moving parts.

What you wish you would have known: I wish had a clearer sense of my needs so that I don’t waste time or money on things that really are not needed at a given time.

What keeps you up at night (business-wise!)?: Emails, Emails, Emails! My inbox.

Ever tempted to throw in the towel and just get a job?: Luckily, I am working in a career that compliments my business. So, I have been very fortunate that I can navigate my business while also maintaining steady income through my medical career. But I must say no career prepares you for entrepreneurship…it’s definitely not for the weak at heart!

Biggest goal: Building brand awareness. I am crafting a solid marketing plan with unique and creative initiatives that will get women to pay attention to their health in a whole new way.

How to Get Your Price Right: Follow your gut, know your value, and seek the counsel of profitable business owners.

Securing Funding: I’ve had to use personal funds as well as utilize loans. My advice would be to try to minimize the use of loans whenever possible. Research potential grants, pursue sponsorships, and collaborate whenever possible to minimize financial expenses.

The absolute best part of owning my own business is: that it affords me flexibility, the opportunity to be creative, think strategically, and help others.

If I had to start all over again, I would have: taken everything a bit more slowly!

I never imagined: tweeting (using only 140 characters) would be so difficult.

If standing on a rooftop facing crowds of aspiring or struggling small business owners, I would shout: “Never be afraid to pursue your dreams, but don’t forget to pace yourself and remember to DO LESS. BE MORE. LIVE WELL.”