By now you’ve joined and—most likely—become obsessed with Facebook and Twitter not only to catch up with friends and family, but also for your small business. With so many social platforms, it can be hard to pick a favorite, but lately I’ve been hooked on Klout, Instagram and Pinterest.

KLOUT. Klout ranks your overall social media influence with a number ranging between one and 100 on a variety of topics, from cooking to gardening to technology. It allows you to be recognized for your expertise and influence on the world. For example, by giving me a K+ (similar to a vote), others have signified that I’m influential in small business, job searching and careers. Getting started is easy and you can sign up here. Don’t forget to stop by my Klout page to connect with me!

INSTAGRAM. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for the iPhone and android that allows you to take photos, apply cool digital filters and then share it with other Instagram users. It also syncs with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s completely free and available in the App Store. Besides being a ton of fun, Instagram is a great way to connect with potential customers, clients and collaborators. For example, my daughter Emma saw a random pic of a manicure on Instagram and booked an appointment that same day to have her nails done. Apparently the nail technician gets tons of clients this way! When she finished Emma’s nails, Emma posted a photo on Instagram and instantly people asked where she had her nails done—Emma referred everyone to the same technician. Talk about powerful! I’m all about Instagram right now so be sure follow me @ToryJohnson to see all the photo fun.

PINTEREST. Pinterest is another photo-sharing platform that allows you to “pin” or tag photos onto themed pinboards (basically virtual bulletin boards) to share with other Pinterest users. Other users can like, comment and re-pin your photos and follow you to connect. My favorite part about Pinterest for small business is that you can pin photos from websites and the photo is clickable back to the original webpage no matter how many times it is re-pinned. This means traffic back to your website or blog. It’s also a fun way to display a new product, get customer feedback or showcase an element of your service. For example, I pin potential event decor for my Spark & Hustle events, the products that I feature on my weekly Good Morning America segments and photos that inspire me everyday in my business. Follow me on Pinterest and be sure to re-pin your favorite photos for a little extra Spark & Hustle in your day!

So there you have it: my favorite social media platforms of the moment. Have fun and most importantly, remember to think outside the box—these tools can and should be used creatively for small business success.

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