We’re challenging you to a 21-day commitment to share the little or big things you’re grateful for. Instead of assuming nothing went well — or everything went poorly — focus on a few things that you appreciate.

Comment below to add your 3 things today and come back daily through Monday, February 27.

Here are the three things I’m grateful for today:

Day #21 – 02/27/12:

    1. Being rid of a cold that knocked me out for three days…fortunately it was the weekend!
    2. Excitement for some very promising meetings this week.
    3. Fresh flowers all around our office.

Day #20 – 02/26/12:

  1. Having my kids home after a week away!
  2. Lounging with the New York Times.
  3. Catching up on magazines.

Day #19 – 02/25/12:

  1. Love DayQuil for helping to save me from every cold symptom.
  2. Tissues with aloe–they help prevent redness.
  3. Peter’s homemade chicken soup.

Day #18 – 02/24/12:

  1. Grateful to be heavily involved with a life-changing new show about to launch on Yahoo! and ABC.
  2. Just one more day til my kids are back home!
  3. Big results, which means huge savings, from yesterday’s GMA deals segment.

Day #17 – 02/23/12:

  1. A house of noise and laughter, which has sadly been silenced this week because my kids are away. Miss them!
  2. Continuously amazed by our Spark & Hustle HOST Committee — they’re rockin every event, generated enthusiasm in new ways for us. Love them.
  3. Women For Hire magazine is off to the printer…just sent the 2012 issue to press.

Day #16 – 02/22/12:

  1. Appreciative of the entries in our crowdspring competition for a Spark & Hustle ad in SUCCESS magazine.
  2. Relieved to have all of the signed releases in hand for my book—not a fun process to collect.
  3. Excited about my meeting with a top ecommerce site and what it could mean for our Spark & Hustle community of product sellers.

Day #15 – 02/21/12:

  1. One of my favorite women said YES to speak at Spark & Hustle!
  2. One of my favorite media brands is just days away from finalizing our partnership agreement for the big Spark & Hustle tour.
  3. Lining up very cool things for this week’s GMA deals segment. Love when it all comes together.

Day #14 – 02/20/12:

  1. I’m grateful for the promise of the week ahead!
  2. I’m excited to get to know the local sponsors that are signing on for Spark & Hustle.
  3. I’m missing my kids, but happy they’re having fun in the sun in Florida.

Day #13 – 02/19/12:

  1. Great books. I’m reading two business books now and it’s always refreshing to pick up new perspectives.
  2. Generating ideas on Sundays. It’s my best day to dream and scheme.
  3. Dentyne Fire gum. Insane, right? But I love this sugar-free gum.

Day #12 – 02/18/12:

  1. Time with my kids. They’re leaving today for a week in Miami and I miss them already.
  2. Time with my husband. While we love when everyone is together, Peter and I will have fun as empty-nesters this week.
  3. The best friends. I’m lucky to have very special friends who always have my back and always cheer me on with the best ideas.

Day #11 – 02/17/12:

  1. The amazing women who are registering for Spark & Hustle every day.
  2. The smart men who are registering, too. They know a good event when they see it!
  3. Tonight is Johnson Family Fun night with my family!

Day #10 – 02/16/12:

  1. Hundreds of you who tuned in to yesterday’s teleclasses. Thank you!
  2. The opportunity to offer amazing deals to GMA viewers like I did this morning.
  3. Nice girls!

Day #9 – 02/15/12:

  1. Appreciative that I get to host a teleclass today to serve hundreds of women who’ll call in.
  2. Thrilled to have (finally) turned in my last book edits from the copyeditor.
  3. Loving the Valentines my kids made for me yesterday.

Day #8 – 2/14/12: Love Edition

  1. Love the newest member of the Spark & Hustle team — Mariana Lenox joins us from SUCCESS magazine.
  2. Love my sweet husband Peter and our amazing family.
  3. Love all of you for taking part in this 21 day challenge and declaring what you love too.

Day # 7 – 2/13/12:

  1. Monday mornings—full of hope, optimism and opportunity for the week ahead.
  2. The privilege to believe and to be curious—to explore, to see where the dream goes.
  3. Connecting after many years with my very first boss for lunch today!

Day # 6 – 2/12/12:

  1. Lazy Sunday mornings with the New York Times.
  2. Sunday afternoons spark some of my best ideas, including today.
  3. Finally (for real) wrapping up edits to my next book.

Day # 5 – 2/11/12:

  1. Love spending the whole weekend with my kids and smothering them with love and laughs.
  2. Appreciative of blurbs for my new book from two of my favorite women: Barbara Corcoran and Liz Lange.
  3. Warm blankets and heat when it’s freezing outside like today, especially since it’s not a given for everyone by any means.

Day #4 – 2/10/12:

  1. The warm cappuccino with a sprinkle of cinnamon that my husband just bought me.
  2. Escaping into dreamland on Pinterest.com/ToryJohnson.
  3. Friday! It’s been a long week. Excited for Johnson Family Fun Night this evening.

Day #3 – 2/9/12:

  1. My GMA viewers. I love the privilege of reporting on GMA each week. Love, love, love.
  2. My staff. We have a great group of gals hustling in our office.
  3. Big earrings. Can’t a girl be grateful for material things too?

Day #2 – 2/8/12:

  1. Interviewing Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project for ABC News. She strengthened my commitment to this program.
  2. Straight A report cards for the second quarter for my kids.
  3. 10 new HOSTS signing on to support Spark & Hustle.

Day #1 – 2/7/12:

  1. Chaos-free early mornings. My kids wake up on their own — and have since kindergarten — to get ready without any kind of struggle. All lovey-dovey — the perfect way to start our days.
  2. Fake lashes. Not the strip kind that my daughter had fun gluing to my lids. No thanks. Just a few individuals in the corners that make me feel more alive and wide-eyed! Best way to conceal late nights.
  3. Gorgeous weather. Sunny and 50 in February. I’ll take it with pleasure.