Yay…September! The start of my favorite season. I’m overflowing with excitement as I anticipate new beginnings and I focus on the thrill of accomplishing great things in the days, weeks and months ahead.

I’m eager to share the five simple steps that allow me to make stuff happen—and I’m hoping you’ll apply them to convert your dreams to reality right now.

Envision Effectively. You can’t do what you can’t see. The first step in creating the life you want—or fulfilling a specific goal in the final four months of 2012—is to envision it in vivid detail. Through pictures and words, describe exactly what the dream looks and feels like. Don’t hold back. No self-limiting beliefs allowed. Skip the “if only” line of thinking. Use magazine clippings, Pinterest boards, journal entries and personal photographs to illustrate in color what you want more than anything for yourself right now. The more specific, the better.

Pinkie Promise. Typically you’ll release your inhibitions when you’re dreaming, but once you wake up, you easily find a zillion excuses why you simply can’t get what you want. Make yourself a bold promise that for once you’ll do whatever it takes to finally pursue your plans with gusto. Declare it on a post-it on the edge of your monitor. Make it the screen saver on your mobile device. Paste it to your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator. Pinkie promises are pretty serious and must be honored as such.

Make a Move. If only wishing were enough! Sadly, stuff doesn’t happen when you’re sitting still. What are the three biggest things that you must do to get where you want to go? Within each of those three major moves, plot the specific sub-steps—the things you’ll do daily to move the needle. When you hit an obstacle, which you inevitably will, your physical movement is essential. Blast your favorite songs and put on a high-energy concert in your living room. Take a whirl on the swing set at a nearby playground. Jump rope. Hoola hoop. Or combine all of these movements since they’ll renew your energy and your determination like nothing else.

Devil’s Advocate. Think ahead for a moment: if, at the end of the year, you haven’t gotten to the goal, what three things are you sure will have stood in your way? Develop solutions today around those perceived roadblocks to prevent them from crushing your dreams.

Own Your Accountability. If you meet your goal, the credit is all yours. Similarly, if you fail, the blame is yours, too. It’s not the economy, the election or the weather. It’s not your age, marital status or bank account. It’s YOU. Plain and simple. Each of us is responsible for our self-directed career advancement. We control the pursuit of our dreams. Accept this blessing (not burden) now and vow to own your short and long-term destiny.

If you declare your intentions on my Facebook wall, I’d be thrilled to root for your success—and assist you in overcoming the roadblocks along the way. Together let’s vow NO EXCUSES. JUST RESULTS.

Cheers to making it a September to remember—it starts right now.
Tory Johnson