Getting Local Media Attention: Three Tips

By: Cindy W Morrison

Getting TV coverage for you or your business isn’t rocket science. There’s no magic formula.

Sometimes it just takes determination, as well as trial and error. But there are some tricks of the trade that might make your mission a tad easier. I should know: I spent 20 years as a TV anchor and investigative reporter.

Find A News Peg

I recently helped my fiend, Jill, get on the local news because there was a news peg to her business: her card line, Bless Her Heart Art, was selected to go in swag bags at the recent Emmys.

She was excitedly telling me all about this honor about a week before the awards show. I told her to not stop, pass go and call the news stations immediately. Why? Because local stations are always looking for a local angle to a national story. Sure enough, the ABC affiliate featured her on the news the night of the Emmys: Local Girl Gives Gifts To The Stars.

But your peg doesn’t have to be that glitzy. Maybe you’re a psychologist who specializes in dealing with workplace trauma and there’s a standoff at a local or national business. Your local news stations can’t interview you if they don’t know that’s what you do, but you can always call and offer an interview.

Become The Expert

You can always make yourself available for interviews whenever there’s a new peg. If it doesn’t happen the first time, don’t get discouraged. Just try again. Our station always had our “go to” people for good interviews. For instance, the university professor who offered an interview during 9/11 subsequently became our expert during the Iraq war. But it can also be as simple as the air conditioner repair guy who calls to offer an interview when it hits triple digits or the car repair guy who suggests tips during (or after) the ice storm.

Give A List

A list of tips is HUGE! It makes the job easier for the reporter and it gives valuable information to the viewers. For instance, long before Tory Johnson became the workplace contributor on Good Morning America, she called local news stations with helpful lists in her role as CEO of Women For Hire.

When the economy took a downturn and unemployment numbers rose, she offered Five Things To Do In A Job Interview or Five Ways To Truly Make Money At Home. She found a news peg, offered her services as an expert and solidified that expert status with a simple list of tips.

Just don’t wait for news to happen to think up your strategy. Do it now. What are some possible news pegs that might set you up as an expert and what tips would you give? As you begin to think that way, you’ll be prepared when the time comes and you’ll find it easier to come up with other pegs as the opportunities come your way.

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