Whether you are in business for yourself or someone else, your personality is a direct a reflection of your company and you want it to mirror the best you possible. Having a positive attitude is contagious and can help your business flourish. People will want to continue to work with and around you. Try these simple steps that can often be overlooked to help your company grow in a positively glowing light:

First Impressions It is important the way you conduct yourself in a professional setting and it will set the tone of your company’s brand forever. Keep in mind your personality will leave people with a lasting impression of how you like to conduct business. Remember to always make your clients’ experience with you a memorable one and they will continue to come back.

Smile One of the easiest ways to improve the face of your brand is through your own face. Communication has gotten quite complex over the years due to technology and the way the world operates, but one constant you can count on is smiling. A smile is universal in every language and when you smile the world smiles back. Make sure to always wear yours when in a networking or business setting.

Be Appreciative Remember the age old saying a little thanks goes a long way? Perhaps this seems a bit rudimentary but you would be surprised how many people forget to say thank you upon conducting or closing business deals, networking, selling products or whatever it is they do. By thanking your customer or client it lets them know you appreciate their taking time out to do business with you, thus laying the ground work for long-lasting business relationships.

Be Personable Creating a personal connection with each and every person you encounter is key to establishing solid business relationships with others in your field. Take the time to ask someone’s name and find out something personal about them. Then the next time you see them use the personal connection to follow up and ask them something about themselves. This truly shows you’re connected to your network. Ie: “How was your family vacation?”

Be Relatable The gift of gab can take you further than you would suspect. Having the ability to spark up conversation with people is an effective and not to mention free marketing tool. You never know what kind of lead you may land from conversing with a stranger. Engaging in clever banter can really seal the deal with selling people on your business.

Don’t Worry Be Happy Do not be afraid to have fun. You can be all business and still have a good time. When people see you enjoying what you do it can be contagious and they will inquire about you and what you do.

Be Consistent In today’s web driven world you are just one click away from nearly every aspect of your life, business or personal, being viewed by others. Your internet personality has become just as relevant as your actual one. Make sure your cyber character matches up to the standard of your charisma in person.

When people finally meet you in person or do the standard online stalking afterwards, this makes you and your brand more likable and believable, if the two are in harmony. Make sure you are true to your personality on the world-wide web and it will offer others validity about you without knowing it.

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