In many families with children, both parents have careers. There is nothing wrong with it and our children’s lives are enriched by the quality time we spend with them. But for women especially, we sometimes feel guilty. We feel like precious moments are passing and will never to be recaptured.
Growing up, my family captured our memories in photo albums. From time to time we would gather together, reminiscing, while turning the pages of our treasured family memories. Today, it’s not quite the same. We live in a digital world. Photos are stored on hard drives and flash drives, smart phones, and electronic picture frames. Facebook has become the family album.

I recently came across a program that brings back the traditional family album, but brings it up to the 21st century. It’s called Shutterfly. Our family is very good at collecting photos. We have files for school events, vacations, holidays, and gatherings. Shutterfly helps me document the moments of my children’s lives. It preserves and protects my favorite memories. Every June and December (around Father’s Day and Christmas), I create a Shutterfly album and have one printed for my family, my parents, and my in-laws.

I enjoy the best of both worlds. I can enjoy the tradition of sitting with my children and thumbing through our events of the year, laughing and reminiscing just like when I was a child. And, I know my memories are safely stored online in case something ever happens to the album.

The message with this post is to encourage you to take advantage of the technology that is available to make your life easier. Don’t give up old traditions because they are what makes our family time special and rest assured, there is a program out there that will help. If not, then you might just develop the next big thing.

Ferguson Jen - BW 3-8-2013 Jennifer Ferguson, CEO and Founder of Symphony Financial Team, provides comprehensive and coordinated planning for her clients.