Your product line has many great SKUs. But which ones should you pitch to retailers? How many should they carry? Avoid throwing the kitchen sink at the retail buyer and be ready to recommend a product line that has been edited and curated with their shoppers in mind.

From Vanessa, The Buyer
When presenting your product line to me, focus on just one item. Pick your best-selling item. It’s hard to follow your pitch when we are bouncing between your body lotion, body wash and your shampoo/conditioner. If the body wash is your top-seller, let’s talk about that one. Just make sure at the end of the conversation, you’ve given me your recommendation for which items my opening order should include. Plus why those products make sense together. For example, if you tell me that consumer research shows that women like to coordinate their personal care scents so they don’t clash, that would be sufficient reason to buy all three items. So there is no magic number of items you should pitch. Build your story around your top seller, and then close the deal with a recommended order that includes all the products that makes best sense for that retailer and their target shopper.

From Romy, The Entrepreneur
If you have a product line, you are following Vanessa’s above advice. If you have one product, as I do, and it’s available in multiple colors, adapt Vanessa’s above advice as follows: select your “brand best” to pitch to the retailer. Your brand best would be your best selling color/style with an explanation as to why it’s the most unique and/or trend driven. I have on more than one occasion pitched a particular color based on the retailer’s target shopper combined with the fact that this particular color is not already stocked by their competition – so it’s like offering an exclusive color when, in fact, it’s not exclusive. Retailers like special treatment.

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Romy Taormina is Co-Founder/Nausea Relief Chief of Psi Health Solutions, Inc., the maker of Psi Bands. Psi Bands are FDA-cleared acupressure wristbands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness, anesthesia, and chemotherapy. Romy has hit the stage with her product Psi Bands with national retail distribution at Rite Aid, CVS, REI, Whole Foods, Meijer,,, etc., and international distribution in five continents.


Vanessa Ting, Former Target Buyer and Founder of Retail Path, is a 12-year veteran of the consumer goods and retail industry. Vanessa has launched dozens of consumer products – both the super successful as well as a few duds. In the process, she has honed her instincts to quickly identify a great idea and how to position that great idea into a successful product on store shelves.