Entrepreneur and personal friend Jack Nadel is my favorite small business champion — practical, gracious and generous in every way.

Jack’s award-winning book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur, bottles the very best of his wisdom, experience and astounding success into nuggets you can apply immediately for noticeable results. Many Spark & Hustle alumni received a Kindle version of his ebook and some attendees even received a Nadel scholarship to participate in a Spark & Hustle event.

Now Jack’s book has been paired with an inspiring and powerful new online video giving everyone even more access to his seven decades of profitable success.

Streaming his video is like having a private meeting with Jack in the comfort of your home or office, an inspiring experience you won’t want to miss and one your career shouldn’t have to miss! Available exclusively at www.JackNadel.com right now — don’t miss out on learning from a true legend!