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Hot! Our 10 Pinky Promises

Spark & Hustle’s 10 Pinky Promises

1. No Selling From the Stage
Don’t know about you, but we hate attending events—free or paid—where every speaker delivers a sales pitch instead of valuable advice. With us, you’ll never be told that achieving a goal requires a back of the room purchase. Instead of thinly veiled sales presentations, you’ll get sessions bursting with actionable advice that you can apply now to boost your bottom line.

2. Handpicked Speaker Line-Up
It’s pretty painful to sit through hour-long speeches on topics that don’t interest you. Same when a speaker reads a PowerPoint presentation. We avoid both of those pitfalls by handpicking speakers who’ve achieved serious small business success, and we ensure they’re on stage for one reason only: to give you their best nuggets on how to launch and grow successfully. Plus, we pace the agenda properly to avoid boredom.

3. Actionable Advice
We firmly believe success comes from doing not just dreaming. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the magic is in the execution. That’s why we don’t talk theory and we weren’t educated on business in a classroom. We only share strategies that work—and we know they work because we use them in the trenches every single day to build our own profitable businesses.

4. No Fluff
If you’re looking for chocolate fountains, dance parties and back massages—or topics like how to make millions while sitting on the beach—sorry…you won’t find any of that here. Pampering can be found at a spa; hyper-focused real world small business advice is what you’ll get with us.

5. Structured Networking
The power of Spark & Hustle goes beyond what’s shared on stage, which is why we’re expanding to two days from just one. You’ll have ample opportunity to connect with everyone to identify your next clients, collaborators and champions. With so many passionate, inspired women in attendance, we’re sure these people are at your table.

6. Time to Ask Your Questions
You’ve got questions and you deserve answers. We allow ample time to address all that’s on your mind.

7. No “Add Ons”
Your ticket is an all-access pass to everything at our event. Lunch? Included. Workshop materials? Included. Photo booth fun? Included. Want to chat with one of our speakers? Go for it. No Spark & Hustle attendee has greater access to the conference benefits because she paid more. Every attendee is our VIP.

8. Community
Entrepreneurship can feel pretty lonely. Over the course of two days, you’ll meet hundreds of people just like you. You’ll join the inspiring Spark & Hustle community, which leads to purposeful partnerships, profitable referrals and powerful connections. You’ll take pride in having an active role in this movement.

9. Fun
While all of this sounds oh-so-serious, the truth is Spark & Hustle events are fun. How can gathering hundreds of inspired, motivated women in one room for two-days with amazing workshops, luncheons and our signature Spark & Hustle playlist not be a hoot? You’ll laugh, learn and leave with a treasure trove of value.

10. We’re Right There with You
Tory and her team are on-site for every single Spark & Hustle event. We don’t hire a local squad to produce an event and hope it meets our standards. Tory never hides behind the scenes. She’s front and center all day, introducing every speaker, moderating every discussion, available to answer your questions, ensuring that we exceed your expectations in every way. We can’t wait to meet you there.

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