Today more and more people are starting a business while holding down a full time job or a few part time jobs. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and many people are learning is it not always the smartest idea to put all of your eggs in one basket — leverage in your life creates possibilities. If you have a passion, idea and/or already an entrepreneur, the tips below will help you to create more money, ease and fun in your life and business.

These tips have helped me create, build and run two successful businesses while holding down a full time corporate job. If you only take action on one tip below it can change your life and your business.

1. Manage Your Mindset. This can either make or break you. At times life isn’t always fair, easy or the way we would like it to be, but we always have a choice of how we want to perceive our circumstances. You always have a choice of what thoughts you choose to think, what words you decide to speak and what actions you decide to take on. If you are working a full time or part time job, but really want to be working your side hustle full time, I challenge you to think about your day job as your “secret angel investor” who is helping to fund your dream. When you are building a business you are either going to invest time or money in the beginning, you get to choose which one you rather invest in — the choice is yours.

2. Create Boundaries. Many of us are juggling a lot in our lives and we tend to get pulled in so many directions. The key to staying sane is to create boundaries. So how do you create boundaries within your life? First, list out your top five values, what do you value in life? Some examples could be: spending time with family, putting religion/spirituality at the top of your list, giving yourself time to get pampered. Once you become clear about what your top five values are write them down. Then, when an activity, invitation or event pops up in your life you will take a look at your top five values and see if it is aligned with your values. If it is aligned with your values, you can then make a choice, are you going to invest your time, energy and effort into that invitation. If something does not align with your values then you simply say no and move on. This process will make your life a whole lot easier.

3. Create three lists — a Why list, a Feeling list and a Prospect list — and carry these lists with you at all times.

Your Why List. Why do you want what you want? Why do you want to start a business and build a successful business? List at least 25 reasons why you want what you want. Do you want to be making an extra $1,000 a month so that you can help support your family or take a vacation this year? Do you want to give back to your community or give to your favorite charity? This why list helps you to start dreaming again and will help keep you motivated when you face rejection and those hard days as an entrepreneur.

Your Feeling List. Next I want you to create a list of all the feelings that you will feel once you obtain these items on your “why list”. Really get specific about how you will feel when your “why list” has been accomplished. The secret here is the reason why we want what we want is because what we really want is to feel what it feels like when we accomplish or have our dreams come true. So why not start feeling those feelings now, this will help you to manifest your desires quicker.

Your Prospect List. Finally I want you to make a list of everyone you know, list out your family, friends, people you do business with and even acquaintances. You are going to then communicate to these people (via email, social media or phone) what you are up to and see if they can help and support you in anyway possible. You never know who knows who, you might get amazing support and help that you always dreamed of, they key here is to spread the word. It might be scary at first but asking for help is a necessary step when you decide to become an entrepreneur.

4. The Fortune is in The Follow Up. Research shows it takes between five to twelve touches to finalize 80% of sales. How many times are you following up with past, present and future clients? Creating a follow up system in order to keep you organized in your follow up activities is key. This can be a simple excel spreadsheet, creating calendar reminders or the good old monthly filling system method. Remember every “no” that you hear when you are following up means that you are one more step closer to a “yes”.

5. Work Backwards. The most powerful planning technique in successfully hitting a deadline is to work backwards. The first step is to set a deadline date, from that date you then start to plan backwards. What needs to get done by when? This will give you a full time frame to see what needs to be done and by when in order to achieve the deadline successfully. While this step may seem simple, many people do not plan this way and tend to miss their deadlines.

6. Ask for Help & Outsource. Where in your life and/or business do you need help? Asking for help can be very vulnerable, yet very necessary. As entrepreneurs, in the beginning we might think we have to do it all. This is not correct. You will always need help. The most successful entrepreneurs have teams behind them. So where can you ask for help and outsource responsibilities in your life and/or business. Do you need to hire an assistant, hire a cleaning lady, find an intern, or find a babysitter? I recommend identifying at least one thing that you need help with and actually getting help as soon as possible. You will see how much easier your life will become.

7. Me Time. Self Care is a MUST. You are your own best asset and if you are not taking care of yourself you are not an asset to anyone. Building a business along side of having many other responsibilities is a huge task. You can easily get burnt out if you are putting yourself last. You must take care of yourself and do something that you love on a daily basis. This does not have to require a lot of time or money each day it can simply be taking three deep conscious breaths. Whatever fills you up, makes your happy and brings you joy — do more of that on a daily basis. This is one of the most important tips that you can implement in your life.

Kelly Lynn Adams
Kelly Lynn, a motivational speaker, certified professional leadership coach and author, created The After 5 Club Movement to help women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders overcome struggles and obstacles that block their paths to success and start to live the life of their dreams.