The holidays are upon us—full of delicious foods, precious time with family, and shopping, shopping, shopping!

As you craft that all-important shopping list, remember to think small—small business, that is.

You may save money shopping at a big box retailer, but you might save your town or neighborhood by shopping at a small business.

As the host of My Family Business for Yahoo! Finance, I’m honored to travel the country interviewing some of our most successful family-owned small businesses. From pineapple to fireworks, real estate to burgers and steaks, these entrepreneurs are making a difference—all the way to the bank. Check out my videos from the new web series here. How can you not take a few minutes to hear what these handy hunks have to say?

If you’re ready for gigantic success (or just to meet your sales goals for the year), our 2013 Spark & Hustle two-day events for current and aspiring small business owners are designed to help you get there. We’ll dream big on Day One and create a plan to put it all into action on Day Two—whether that’s a plan to take your business to the next level or to get an idea off the ground.

Our 2013 tour kicks off in March—check out the full schedule and sign up today here.

Let’s boost our economy one small business at a time.

Happy holidays!
Tory Johnson