If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you have a unique experience and story that has brought you to your point of success. You have learned a number of life and business lessons that others seem to overlook or not be aware of.

But what many entrepreneurs don’t know is how to turn that knowledge and experience into new profit centers for their current business — or how to turn that knowledge into a business itself.

Here are three ways you can take your business lessons, life lessons and personal story and make money from them.

1. Write a Book: What better way to establish your credibility to a client than to hand over a book you’ve written? How impressed will they be when they can flip through the pages and read your business philosophy and views? Imagine the personal connection they will feel with you once they have a clearer understanding of your business — and you as a person. You can use your book as a credibility builder, an über business card, a new product for your business, or as a revenue generator when you…

2. Give Speeches: Organizations around the country are constantly looking for speakers with great messages. Position yourself as one of them — who not only informs but motivates an audience. Speaking publicly gives you instant credibility and you might just get paid to do it. Plus, you might sell more books: anyone who wants to learn more can buy a copy.

3. Create Digital Products: When it comes to digital, anything is possible. There’s no way I could possibly name all the digital product options available to you, but here’s a short list: iPhone/iPad applications, eBooks, eWorkbooks, subscription based blogs, webinars, tele-seminars, train-the-trainer eManuals, audiobooks, MP3 seminars, DVDs, CDs, PowerPoint presentations available for purchase, training digital games, Second Life seminars, subscription ezines, members only websites, you get the drill.

Depending on your business model, any one of these options can open up a new revenue streams for you. When you share your unique message, your prospects and clients can relate to you better on both a professional and personal level.

Remember: People like to do business with people they like.

Sharí Alexander is the co-owner of the Expert Message Group and specializes in helping subject matter experts turn their ideas into a powerful and concise message.