As a weekly contributor on ABC’s Good Morning America, I reach millions of viewers with my hugely popular “Deals & Steals” segments.

My exclusive collection of curated deals allow viewers to save big bucks while discovering unique products. Tune in to Good Morning America Thursday mornings on ABC for “Deals & Steals.”

I hope you love watching GMA’s Deals & Steals as much as I love finding and securing them for our viewers.

If you have a compliment or complaint about a deal featured on TV, click here to send us an email with the specific issue.

Keep in mind, if a website is experiencing technical problems, you can be sure the company and my team are aware of it and we’re on top of them for immediate resolutions.

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For Good Morning America’s very popular exclusive Deals & Steals segment, I find and present products every week to our viewers.

In each segment, I feature five hot products with exclusive discounts (50% off or better) for our viewers for one day only. Unlike Groupon, Gilt or other deal sites, there is absolutely no cost to participate. This is a strictly editorial opportunity for products selected for inclusion.

I feature giant brands and I introduce viewers to unknown small businesses. I’m partial to products made in America, though first and foremost I look to offer great stuff that viewers want. (I have tracked purchasing patterns over the last three years from my weekly segments so I have a very good sense of what viewers are buying!)

In addition to saving money for viewers, I’m very proud that the segments have changed the trajectory of many small businesses across America—giving them national exposure, a huge sales boost and a new customer base of loyal fans. In many cases, this has resulted in the creation of new jobs, which is an exceptionally rewarding benefit of these segments.

If you have a phenomenal product that is relevant for a national audience and is available for purchase online—and you’re willing to offer an exclusive deal for substantial savings for my viewers, it may be a potential fit for an upcoming segment.

Keep in mind this is not about unloading excess inventory for rock bottom prices. My viewers expect phenomenal deals on exceptional products, which is what I look for when evaluating offers.

You must also have the ability to fulfill a large volume of orders on a short turnaround. Web capacity and customer service are extremely important.

Take a few minutes to review a sample segment so you’re familiar with the format.

Please complete the form below and/or send me a package with details. Because of the high volume of unsolicited packages that are received daily, we cannot return items unless specified. If you are shipping product samples that you’d like returned, please include a preprinted prepaid RETURN LABEL with specific instructions for our team.

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I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Tory Johnson

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is absolutely no third party (PR firm, placement agency or otherwise) that can “guarantee” inclusion of your product in this segment. I personally review all products to decide if it’s a proper fit for the segment. Anyone is welcome to pitch products directly to me; you’re never required to go through a third party. There is no fee of any kind. So if you’re told that we charge a fee, that is inaccurate. All decisions are strictly editorial based on how to best serve viewers.


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Current Price

Proposed deal price (must be a minimum of 50% off the current retail price or better)

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Number of available units for immediate delivery?

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