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2014 National Tour

“What Facebook and Twitter have taught us is that we crave connection. Ultimately, online connection is a very sad substitute for the real kind.
We’ll take it if it’s our only choice, but what we really want are those
life-changing interactions that we remember and that we
can build a career around
.” — Seth Godin

That’s the essence of Spark & Hustle — those business-changing interactions that lead to innovative ideas, invaluable feedback, breakthrough discoveries, profitable referrals and more.

You’ve told us that you routinely tune out the noise of hundreds of attendees in favor of focusing on just a handful of meaningful connections that truly move the needle in your business.

We’ve listened and we’re making a BIG CHANGE.

One Day. One Table. One Objective.
Customized Ideas & Opportunities to Grow Your Business.

Two of our best strengths—and that of any truly successful business—are a willingness to listen and the ability to be nimble in response. We were sure you, our Spark & Hustle community, wanted big events. Perhaps at one time, you did. But now our most seriously committed entrepreneurs want something different: intimate, intensely-focused day-long programs that deliver results through customized ideas and opportunities. Works for us.

Our promise to you:

  • Only 12 participants per event. To advance, you need the right people on your side. On this day, you’ll collaborate with a very small group of high level achievers who are just as committed to their business growth as you are.
  • Hyper focused, timed agenda. Clear, focused and tightly timed agenda limited to the four power topics that will increase the reach of your marketing and build exposure to generate new revenue for your business.
  1. How to nab speaking engagements that build your influence.
  2. Secrets to securing media coverage that can be leveraged for more sales.
  3. Building the right strategic partnerships for substantial growth.
  4. Why content creation can’t be ignored and how to tackle it with ease to deliver results.

Amid our normal daily chaos, we rarely take time out for a formal lunch, so on this day we’ll have a working lunch, too.

  • Pre-event and post-event guidance. You have a deep desire to stay fresh, relevant, and front and center with your audience. But that’s often easier said than done, especially when you’re in the trenches doing your thing. Prior to attending this intensive, you’ll receive a worksheet to help you (and us) nail your most critical objective and prep you for an optimal outcome from our day together.Then we’re sticking with you after the event. For 30 days, you’ll have open access via email for quick, on-the-fly guidance as you implement all that you commit to during our day together. We’ll help hold you accountable to do great things.

Yep, we know you aren’t messing around in your business and neither are we.

Ready to commit to your bigger success? Join Tory Johnson and Jenn Lee now and be one of 12 rock stars at the table in New York, Chicago, Boston, Orlando or Washington DC.