Natural, Organic & Non-GMO Foods: Why it Matters to You!

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Are natural foods free of toxins? Do some organic foods contain GMO’s? You have a right to know what is in the food you are feeding your family but, food labels are confusing and often misleading. Read this article by Claudia Pillow, PhD, about the the difference between […]

Three Reasons You Should Start Saving for the Future Today

You never know what tomorrow will bring. We mostly reflect on this fact when we hear of tragedy on the news or experience a loss in our own family or circle of friends. In my own circle, we’ve had friends lose their jobs during the difficult economy, and friends whose lives were drastically disrupted from […]

Ten Tips to Create Inner Harmony

The shift from warm summer breezes to the crisp evening air hints at the impending transition from summer to fall. Flip-flops and lazy, hazy days are replaced with notebooks and to-do lists. Meet the demands of the new season with ten Home in Harmony Lifestyle Solutions that will help you create inner harmony. You can […]

Can I Send Emails to a List I Got from Another Business?

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This is a very common question I receive in my class as a one of the Boot Camp trainers for Constant Contact’s hands-on product workshops.

The short answer is “yes.” The best practice answer is “no.”

Many traditional offline marketing channels, like direct mail or newspaper ads, allow for a […]

Do You Know Why People Are Unsubscribing From Your Emails?

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Let’s be honest, no one enjoys having people unsubscribe from their email contact list.

With all the work you put into growing your list and the time you spend designing, creating, and sending emails—it’s never fun when someone decides to say thanks but no thanks.

But while losing contacts is […]

How to Grow: Smart Tips for Managing A Growing Company

When I bought Dore Designs in 2007 we had 12 employees and now we have grown to 34 full and part time employees and over a dozen traveling sales reps.

A small growing company is like a small, growing child. You don’t allow into your home people that would hurt or damage your child and you […]

Will Your Business Give You a Big Return on Your Investment?

Own a business with employees?
What do you expect to get as a return on your investment in your company?

Proof that you are a refreshingly successful entrepreneur?
The satisfaction that you are making a difference for people who need what your business offers?
A juicy lifestyle with lots of perks?

How about the opportunity to turn you into a […]

Top 7 Beauty Benefits of Raw Coconut Oil

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Can a saturated fat help make you beautiful? Absolutely, especially when it is organic virgin coconut oil, a key ingredient in Hail Merry’s nourishing desserts. Coconut Oil is classified as a functional food because it provides benefits over and above basic nutrients. Being healthy is beautiful and beauty […]