The BBF Connection

Join the BBF Connection

Ever wish you had a solid group of business besties? Real pros who understand exactly what you’re experiencing and help you overcome challenges? Smart people who refer business because they love keeping it in the family? Honest peers who’ll tell it like it is for your benefit?

We’re bringing you all the amazing benefits of Spark & Hustle 24/7 so you can stay connected, collaborate, get real-time feedback, be inspired, generate even more cash and continue to sky rocket your growing business!

· We’re blown away by the creative collaborations formed by our peers.
· We marvel as members share media contacts and PR connections.
· We smile when 20-minute chats bloom into long-term business endeavors that have both parties profiting.

More ventures, more confidence, and, heck, even more fun.

Join the BBF Connection

In the exclusive BBF Connection — that’s for Business Best Friends — every member has:

  • A Full-Page Online Profile Featured in the Spark & Hustle Directory:
    Using our custom template, you’ll complete a profile that showcases you, your business and all of your social links. Only group members are featured, however the directory is visible publicly on the web for the world to access. That means you’ve got a powerful SEO boost now working in your favor. When a potential client, partner or media outlet searches the web for a business with your expertise, your chances of being found are that much better.
  • Access to Members-Only Private Facebook Group:
    Stay connected with all the amazing BBFs in the Spark & Hustle community – those who’ve been to a live event as well as those who’ve watched from the sidelines – to collaborate with one another for bigger opportunities and to create strategic alliances to get your product or service in front of an entirely new group of customers and clients. It’s a curated opportunity to offer special discounts and offers to other members as well. This group will be moderated to answer time sensitive business questions and provide immediate feedback and advice from the Spark & Hustle team and other members.

Whether or not you’ve attended a Spark & Hustle event, you’re welcome to participate in this online initiative.

Since we consider all of our Spark & Hustle BBFs lifers, joining is a one-time membership fee of just $149. That’s it — and we’ll never hit you up again. You’ll get access to the virtual Spark & Hustle community, camaraderie, connections and of course the cash that comes from connecting with like minded women.

Once you register, you’ll have instant access to create your online profile and you’ll automatically be added to the private Facebook group. We can’t wait to connect with you!


Join the BBF Connection


“My $149 investment landed me a $3,500 website development client. She found me on the Spark & Hustle Online Business Directory. That’s what I call measurable ROI!”

—- Jen Puckett,






“Thanks to the amazing connections made at Spark & Hustle, our  product was chosen for a celebrity’s home. We met a publicist at Spark & Hustle, who connected us with the nursery designer for reality star Kendra Wilkinson. That’s Spark & Hustle at its best!”

—- Nicole Krelovich,





“Creating profitable collaborations is a powerful way to build your  business and add directly to the bottom line. I connected with snack company Hail Merry and we’ve collaborated on several national wellness programs and marketing initiatives that have put both companies front and center with our core influence group. It wouldn’t have happened without Spark & Hustle!”

—- Amie Hoff,

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