Powerful tools like LinkedIn and social media channels like Facebook, give you the power to learn almost anything you want to about your prospective customers.  What those platforms don’t offer, the internet with its infinite information resources will fill in the gaps.  Customer relationship management systems like ACT give those of us who sell our services and products a way to keep it all organized and help facilitate the buying process.  With access to all of these tools, I love that I don’t have to cold call.

Today’s marketing focus is all about delivering useful content to your audience.  I have been following this strategy for many years and wanted to share it, because I know it will work for any industry.  By profession, my business is Symphony Financial Team, where I serve as a trusted advisor to my clients.  When I meet a prospective client, either through networking or a referral, I focus the conversation on them.  I’m blessed to be in this field because my conversations focus on what matters most to them.  I offer every client a book called Values-Based Planning, The Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy.  The book doesn’t focus on the importance of money as much as it focuses on how planning is a valuable tool to help you enjoy what is most important to you.  If they like the book and understand the direction and philosophy, we move forward.  If they don’t have an immediate interest, they still have an incredibly valuable tool as a takeaway. My follow up keeps me in touch with them where I continue to provide useful, valuable information.

The majority of my business is drawn through referrals.  This tells me two very important things: my customer experience is working and my clients are realizing what is important to them.  My profession lends itself, that I build trusting, close relationships with my clients. Valuable content helps me do that and I know it will work for you.  Following this strategy is simple. Consider your audience’s greatest needs. Identify the most important thing you can help them with and give it them.  Everything else falls into place.

Ferguson Jen - BW 3-8-2013As CEO and Founder of Symphony Financial Team, Jennifer Ferguson leads a team of best in class subject matter experts to provide the most comprehensive and coordinated planning for her clients. Jennifer’s primary role is to lead the team to make sure all aspects of the client’s financial house are in order and kept that way, and to protect the client’s vision of the ideal life they want to live. Jennifer has received numerous awards for her business and charitable work, most recently being honored as a nominee for the Orlando Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business award.