Turn the Mirror on YOURSELF

I had a terrific weekend in Minneapolis talking to more than 2,000 PartyLite consultants at their annual conference.   I shared a piece of advice with them that I often tell my private consulting clients:  When things aren’t going as planned, turn the mirror on yourself.  Figure out where you’re accountable for failing to get where you want to go.

Whether you’re trying to book a party or close a corporate sale, the process is the same: you must reach the right person with the right message at the right time.   Makes sense, right?

Yet the scene too frequently looks like this:  You’re repeatedly contacting the same five people who’ve expressed luke warm interest.  You’re calling, texting, emailing, sending smoke signals — and in return you’re getting absolute silence.

The obvious conclusion that most people falsely make:  NOBODY is interested.  THIS just doesn’t work.   It’s very easy to blame them — and to get angry at their refusal to respond — but that serves no constructive purpose and certainly won’t generate business for you.

So let’s try another perspective:  Is your message positioned effectively?  Are the benefits meaningful to the recipient and are they conveyed clearly and confidently?  Is the timing right for THEM, not you?  Should you be reaching out to five NEW people instead of beating to death the same old contacts?

Focus on the things you can control.  The onus is on you to course correct or develop a Plan B when A isn’t producing the desired results.

I do this every single day in my own business — and it’s at the central core of my personal shift.  In fact, our motto for the new SHIFT movement is change your mind for a better, healthier, happier life.   Instead of blaming anyone or anything else when things go wrong, I look in the mirror and figure out how to fix it fast myself.  It’s not always easy, but it’s much more productive than uselessly hoping others will miraculously do what’s just not going to happen!   I promise this little tactic can do wonders for you too if you give it a shot.

Enjoy your week!


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